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Valley Outreach

Does your partner: 

  • Try to control what you do and who you are with?

  • Consistently put you down or criticize you?

  • Think he/she is always right?

  • Control household finances?

  • Threaten to hurt you, family members or pets?

  • Break objects when he/she is angry?

  • Hurt you or others?


Valley Outreach can:


  • Answer your questions

  • Help you identify and access your options

  • Offer safety planning and guidance

  • Act as a liaison to other agencies

  • Deliver service in a respectful and confidential manner in your area

  • Work to improve the lives of individuals affected by abuse


If you would like to discuss ANY ISSUE that you, a friend, a family member or co-worker may be struggling with, Valley Outreach is a free, confidential, non-judgmental supportive service in your area for your convenience.


Call: 506-328-9680

Toll Free: 1-877-882-8087


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